Token burning is a voluntary choice by an investor to support a community and protocol they believe in. As a result of executing a burn action, the circulating supply of your chosen token will decrease. Every Burn party will have a minimum threshold which needs to be met in order for the tokens to be burnt. If the threshold is met, the token burn will go ahead. Token holders will not be able to retrieve their tokens back from the dead wallet if they change their mind, we will not be held responsible for the loss of your tokens/investment. If the threshold is not met and the timer runs out, there will be no token burn. Users will then be able to unstake their tokens.

This is your investment, and therefore your choice! The Burn Party platform is providing tools and services to carry out your wish to burn tokens and support the token community. The Burn Party platform will not be liable for any loss of tokens/investment.

As a way of thanking you for your contribution, for every successful burn party which results in a token burn, for every contributor in that burn party, the Burn Party platform will donate a meal via ShareTheMeal. For example, an EG token burn Party event burns 10 Billion Tokens, 100 users take part, Burn Party donates 100 meals.