The Burn Party Platform has a number of features to ensure user and transaction security.

  1. HTTPS
    The website has a valid SSL certificate installed. In a web browser, like Google Chrome, users will see a padlock next to the URL with an SSL certificate.
  2. Token Burn Address Verification
    Every token support on the website will have a dedicated page. On this page, you can view the registered Burn address for the given token. You do not have to take our word for it, there will be a transaction hash present where you can verify that the burn address is registered for this given token on the blockchain. Once set, this burn address cannot be removed or amended by the Burn Platform Team or the smart contract.
  3. Truly Decentralised
    When a Burn Party token threshold is met and the timer counts down to down to zero, we use the Chainlink keeper network to automatically trigger the burn and send tokens to the burn address. This process cannot be stopped or controlled by us. We cannot stop the burn from taking place, neither can we route tokens to another address, instead of the burn address. Further details on how this works can be found in the "Security" section of our litepaper.
  4. Transaction Logs
    For every burn transaction that is successful, there will be a transaction hash posted on the website where users can verify the details.